Kolabo was founded in 2014 by Psychiatrist Dr. Rita Watterson and Psychiatry Resident Dr. Kimberly Williams. Since then the executive team has grown to include Psychiatrists Dr. Kathy Fitch, Dr. Rachel Grimminck and Stewardship Director Michael Grimminck.

In Tanzania, Kolabo is led by the Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences (CUHAS) Department of Psychiatry including Dr. Kiyeti Hauli and Dr. Matiko Mwita. Within CUHAS, the MPH team is supported by Dr. Elias Charles in the CUHAS School of Public Health.


Our Team

The amazing work within Kolabo could not have been done without the help of many people. We would like to acknowledge the following for their significant contributions to this project: Psychiatrist Dr. Suneina Mohan, Psychiatrist Dr. Roy Turner, Psychiatrist Dr. Cristin Fitzgerald, Psychiatry Resident Dr. Susan Poon, Psychiatry Resident Dr. Jordan Li, Psychiatry resident Dr. Susan Black, Psychiatry resident Dr. Jadah Johnson, Psychiatry resident Dr. Jian Choo, Psychiatry resident Dr. Jaylynn Arcand, Psychiatry resident Dr. Jonathan Dornian, Psychiatry resident Dr. Mary Shen, Psychiatry resident Dr. Jacqueline Bobyn and Psychiatry resident Dr. Megan Howlett and Barbara Kondo

We would like to thank the University of Calgary Department of Psychiatry and The Global Health Department for its sponsorship and support.

Our site is currently under construction, however in due time we invite you to come back and learn more about the individuals moving Kolabo forward.