Our Vision

Collaboration through education to create a world where all people can experience optimal mental health


Globally, there is an increased understanding of the vast need to improve mental health conditions in low and middle-income countries. It is from this necessity to improve mental health resources globally that Kolabo was founded.

Our work is focused in Mwanza, Tanzania where community mental health services and primary care are very limited. We have formed a strong alliance with our Tanzanian partners to ensure that together we work towards the mutual goal of building healthier communities.

Kolabo was named as such as it means collaboration in Swahili. Our mission, objectives and outcomes are all directed to ensure our partnership is built on trust, mutual respect and sustainability. It is from this framework that both the CUHAS Department of Psychiatry and Kolabo team can build upon.


Our Mission

To build healthier communities by creating collaborative, broad-based mental health education for health trainees in Mwanza, Tanzania


Our mission is accomplished through several different initiatives including:

  • Developing culturally relevant and locally driven mental health curriculum for undergraduate and post-graduate medical trainees.

  • Supporting the capacity building of the CUHAS Psychiatry staff through faculty development in medical education, continuing medical education (CME), and medical education research 

  • Strengthening the cultural competency and medical expertise of University of Calgary Psychiatry Residents and staff 

  • Development of a self sustaining post graduate program at CUHAS where psychiatrists can be locally trained